Középszinten az írásbeli vizsga időtartama 180 perc, ebből az első rész, az "Olvasott szöveg értése" 60 perces volt. A második rész, a "Nyelvhelyesség" feladatsor megoldására 30 perc állt rendelkezésre, az ezt követő szünet után a 30 perces "Hallott szöveg értése" következett, végül pedig a diákoknak az "Íráskészség" 60 perces feladatsorát kellett megoldaniuk.

Task 1

Read this interview with a famous sportsman and then look at the half sentences that follow.
Your task is to match the two sentences halves (numbers 1-8 to letters A-K). There is an extra letter that you do not need.
Write the letters in the white boxes. An example (0) has been given for you.

Alex won the Press Pack competetition to interview golfing legend Tiger Woods.
„I was very execited to be meeting Tiger Woods, he's one of my favourite sport stars. I like the way he can hit the ball so far. I think he's a good sportman too. I was a bit nervous first meeting him as there were also of other reporters and photographers who would be listening to my interview.
I asked Tiger about who his idol was. He said Nelson Mandala, but also his mum and dad as they helped him a lot along the way to where he is now. Tiger also told me that when he was a schoolboy he wasn't allowed to practise golf until he had finished his homework. His favourite golf course is St Andrews in Scotland because it has a really nice setting and the course is very challenging. Tiger's advice for any young golf player is to practice, that way you'll get better. Tiger was really friendly to talk to and I soon forgot about all the other people that were around me.
It was hard to believe I was interviewing such a famous person – my friends were all really jealous when I told them I'd be doing this. I'd like to thank Newsround for my once-in-a-lifetime experience; this is something I will always remember.
Alex, 13 Warwickshire

0) Tiger Woods
1) Press Pack
2) Nelson Mandala
3) St Andrews
4) Wood's parents
5) The boy's friends
6) A lot of people
7) Newsround
8) Alex

A) were listening to the boy asking his questions
B) could not play golf
C) made it possible to do the interview
D) only let him play golf after he had done his homework
E) is the name if the competetition the boy won
F) is a teenager
G) is one of Alex's favourite sport stars
H) is a place where Woods like playing golf
I) is one of the peopla the sportsman admires
K) envired him for the interview

Task 2

Read this article on robots and then read the sentences (9-17) following it.
Mark a sentence A if is it true according to the article.
Mark a sentence B if it is false
Mark it C if, on the basis of the article, it cannot be decided if it is true or false.
Write the letters in the white boxes. An example (0) has been given for you.

I Robot

A new project celebrating the history of robots starts on 15 May. The Cambridge Robot Project, which has been organised by members of the University of Cambridge, will combine film, art and theatre to explore both the technology of robots and what they can tell us about what it means to be human.
The robot has become a symbol of modern culture and celebrates its 88th birthday this year. The idea of the ’man machine’ was invented in 1921 in the play ’Rossum’s Universal Robots’ by Karel Capek, which featured biological androids created without emotions to serve humans.
The familiar image of the metallic android sprang from other artists and film-makers int he 1920s and 1930s. The Cambridge Robot Project will be re-screening ’Metropolis’ and more recent classic films about machines, including ’2001: A Space Odyssey’, ’The Matrix’ and ’The Terminator’.
One of the highlights of the project’s photographic exhibition will be the chance to see images of Eva, the lifelike bodiless robot head created by a University of Texas student.
Cambridge Robot Project organiser Kathleen Richardson, an anthropologist at the University of Cambridge, says her aim was to explore what humanity means.
The Cambridge Robot Project film festival and art exhibition are on from 15 to 18 May. Performances of ’Rossum’s Universal Robots’ run from 23 to 26 May. All events will take place at Michaelhouse on Trinity Street, Cambridge. Tickets cam be purchased for individual events, but a special twho-week festival ticket (Ł20, Ł15 concessions) is also available until 15 May.

0) The new project celebrating the history of robots is in May.
9) The idea of the robot was born 88 years ago.
10) ’Rossum’s Universal Robots’ is Karel Capek’s second masterpiece.
11) The festival will only show films made int he 1920s and 1930s.
12) You will be able to see photos at the exhibition.
13) Eva was made by a university professor.
14) Eva does not have a body.
15) Kathleen Richardson has written many books on robots.
16) The film festival and art exhibition will take place int he same building.
17) The two-week tickets cammot be bought after 15 May.

Task 3

You are going to read about a popular office product.
Put the jumbled sentences (A-F) in the correct order and write the letters in the white boxes as shown in the example (0).

Everyone knows what Post-it notes are: they are those great little self-sticks notepapers. Most people have Post-it Notes. Most people use them. Most people love them. But Post-it Notes were not a planned product.

A) Then one Sunday four years later, another 3M scientist named Arthur Fry was singing in the church choir. He used markers to keep his place in the hymm book they kept falling out.
B) It stuck to objects, but could easily be lifted out. It was super weak instead of super strong.
With the weak adhesive, the markers stayed in place, yet came off without damaging the pages.
C) 3M began distributing Post-it Notes in 1980-ten years after Silver developed the super weak adhesive.
Today they are one of the most popular office products available.
D) Remembering Silver's adhesive, Fry used some to cover his markers. Success!
No one knew what to do with the stuff, but Silver didn't throw it away.
E) He developed a new adhesive, but it was even weaker than what 3M already manufactures.
F) A man named Spencer Silver was working in the 3M research laboratories in the 1970 trying to find a strong adhesive.

Task 4

In the following interview with footballer Chris Cohan the questions have been removed.
Yours task is to read the text and match the questions (A-K) to the answers (23-30) and write the letters in the white boxes as shown in the example. There is one extra question that you do not ned.
An example has been given for you.

Chris Cohan was 16 years old when he made his first team debut for West Ham United, making him the youngest player to turn out for the team in 80 years.

A) Do you ever get nervous before a game?
B) How do you like to relax away from football?
C) How did West Ham discover you?
D) What's the training like as a professional?
E) You made your debut at 16, becoming the youngesr player to feature in a West Ham team for 80 years – it must been great.
F) What advice would give to any young footballer?
G) Have you always wanted to play football?
H) What team did you support when you were growing up?
I) Why did you start playing football?
K) What's your best position?

0) Yeah, always, since when I was a little boy, I was lucky because we had a park just down the road from our house and I was always down there with my brothers at all hours!
23) I was playing for my local Sunday team, Grays Cosmos, when I got spotted by youth coach at West Ham who came to watch our games.
24) It was just brilliant, I mean to get chance at such a young age was so unexpected.
25) I was actually a Norwick fan.
26) Central midfield, but I have also played left-back and left midfield for West Ham. I've played a load of games in midfield which has been great.
27) I've got better now but while I was at West Ham, with the size of the crowds, I was terrible for nerves before a match.
28) It's tough, but it varies depending on if you're in the starting 11, which can be very physical. Some days you run a lot but you know that comes with the territory of being a professional footballer.
29) I like to play golf and other snooker. I do like quite a few other sports – I like to get out and do as much as I can.
30) You have got to enjoy it, that's the most important part of it, but try not to feel too much pressure, especially at young age. 

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Nyelvhelyességi feladatok

Task 1

You are going to read a humorous article about creating your family history. Some words are missing from the text.
Your task is to choose the most appropriate word from the list (A-M) for each gap (1-10) int he text. Write the letter of the appropriate word int he white box
Each word can be used once.
There is one extra word that you do not need to use.

Being creative about your family history

Imagine that you are working on your family history and you (0) ______ that your great-great uncle, Remus Starr, was hanged for horse stealing and train (1) ______ in Montana in 1899.
A cousin has given you the (2) ______ known photograph of Remus, showing him before his execution. On the (3) ______ of the picture are the words: „Remus Starr was a horse thief. He was sent to Montana Prison in 1885. He (4) ______ in 1887, and then robbed the Montana Express six times. He was arrested, convicted and hanged in 1899.”
A pretty embarrassing situation, isn’t it? But let’s change the (5) ______ a bit. First, we edit the picture with image processing software so that you can see only the (6) ______.
Next, we (7) ______ the text: „Remus Starr was a famous resident of Montana. His business empire included valuable (8) ______. Beginning in 1885, he (9) ______ several years in service at a government facility.
Later, he started a profitable business relationship with the Montana Railroad. In 1899, Remus died (10) ______ an event held in his honour when the platform upon which he was standing collapsed.”

A) back
B) during
C) escaped
D) find
E) head
F) horses
G) only
H) rewrite
I) robbery
K) spent
L) story
M) while

Task 2

You are going to read an article about dinosaurs. Some words are missing from the text.
Choose the most appropriate answer from the options (A-D) for each gap (11-19) int he text.
Write the letter of the appropriate answer int he white boksz.
There is one example (0) at the beginning.

Hinter dinos

One of the biggest of the meat-eating dinosaurs may have hunted in groups, (0) ______ experts in Argentina.

At least seven T. rex-sized Mapusaurus roseae have (11) ______ together int he Patagonia region of the country. It is possible that hunting together enabled the two-legged animal to overpower (12) ______ plant-cating dinosaurs.

Details of the discoveries have (13) ______ int he scientific journal Geodiversitas. Author Rodolfo Coria of the Carmen Funes Museum said the discovery showed evidence of social behaviour in Mapusaurus. The excavation 24 km south of Plaza Huincul found hundreds of bones from several mapusaurs (14) ______ none from any other creature. Dr. Coria said the evidence suggested the animals were together before they died. Though it was possible they hunted in groups, (15) ______ was no direct evidence for this, he added.

Philip Currie of the University of Alberta in Canada speculated the hunting in groups might have allowed Mapusaurs (16) ______ attack the biggest known plant-eating dinosaurs. However, it is not clear (17) ______ the animals cooperated in hunting, as wolves or lions do, or simply gathered around (18) ______ one of them had made a kill. Dr. Currie said it was hard to say (19) ______ the biggest specimen was because no complete skeleton had been found. He estimated it might have measured about 12.3 m.

0) A) as to B) in spite of C) according to D)because of
11) A) to find B) been found C) found D) find out
12) A) even bigger B) biggest C) so big D) lot bigger
13) A) shown B) discovered C) published D) appeared
14) A) but B) or C) so D) because
15) A) it B) all C) there D) that
16) A) that B) to C) why D) if
17) A) whether B) then C) what D) as
18) A) later B) over C) behind D) after
19) A) how well B) how much C) how long D) how old

Task 3

You are going to read a homorous story about an examination. Some words are missing from the text.
Your task is to write the missing words on the dotted lines (20-29) after the text.
Use only one word in each gap.
There is an example (0) at the beginning.


Janet was a biology major at a big American university. Her biology professor announced (0) ........ exam for the following week on birds. „You will (20) ........ to know everything about every type of bird (21) ........ exist” he said. Janet spent the week stuying beaks, wings (22) ........ feathers of dozens of bird species.
On the say of the exam, the professor (23) ........ standing behind a tbale with five paper bags on it. Under each bag was a model of a bird. The professor lifted the first bag a bit (24) ........ reveal only the legs, and asked the class to (25) ........ down the type of bird. Janet got very angry, because she could (26) ........ even guess the type of bird. (27) ........ the professor got to the third bag, Janet stood up, walked up the table, and threw (28) ........ crumpled test paper onto the table. She said, „This is the (29) ........ ridiculous test I have evers seen and you are an IDIOT!”
The professor said, „Just hold it right there, what is your name?”
Janet raise her dress to her kness and said, „You tell me!” 

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Hallás utáni szövegértés

Task 1

In this section you are going to hear a telephone conversation. Your task will be to write the letter of the correct answer into the boxes on the right. First, you will have some time to study the task, and then we will play the whole recording in one place. Then, after a short pause, you will hear the recording again, but this time we will play the text in shorter sections to give you enough time to write down your answers. At the end, you will have some more time to check your work.

The caller would like to talk to...
A) Christopher
B) Mary
C) Jane

Mary and the kids have gone...
A) to the nursery school
B) for a walk
C) to the swimming pool

Mary and Jane are going to …. tomorrow
A) do some work together
B) a job interview
C) interview someone

Jane cannot kepp her date because...
A) she will have to go to the airport
B) she is visiting her mum
C) her mum is coming to see her

Jane wants to meet Mary at...
A) 8 at the Astoria metro station
B) 8.30 at the West End City Centre
C) 8.30 at the Astoria metro station

Jane wants Mary to …. C.V.
A) write a
B) help her to write a
C) print out her

Jane also wants Mary to bring her...
A) pen
B) pen drive
C) car

Jane asks Mary … a white blouse
A) to bring her
B) to wear
C) not to wear

Task 2

In this section, you are going to hear some interesting information about Peter the Great. Your task will be to give a short answers to the questions below. First, you will have some time to study the task, and then we will play the whole recording in one place. Then, after a short pause, you will hear the recording again, but this time we will play the text in shorter sections to give you enough time to write down your answers. At the en, you will have some more time to check your work.

What started with Peter the Great?
What was he fascinated by?
What did he build?
What did he import besides skilled labour?
What did he encourage?
What did he modernise?
What did the Russians who Peter taxed wear?
What did he build on the eastern shores of the Baltic?
In wich year did he jump into the cold nothern ocean?

Task 3

In this section you are going to hear az interview with Samantha Butler, a young Canadian violinist. Your task will be decide whether the following statements are true, false or we don't know because the text does not say, and write the appropiate letter into the boxes on the right. Write A if the statement is true, write B if the statement is false, and write C if the text does not say.

First, you will have some time to study the task, and then we will play the whole recording in one place. Then, after a short pause, you will hear the recording again, but this time we will play the text in shorter sections to give you enough time to write down your answers. At the en, you will have some more time to check your work.

Samantha Butler left Canada when she was 7
She was very unhappy when she left Canada
She would have enjoyed physical activities
The nicest concert hall she has ever played in is in Europe
She doesn't mind the time difference between Canaa and Europe
Her proudest moment is winning the Canadian Young Musician of the Year Competetition
All her family and friends were watching her play in the competition
Her most treasured possession in a musical instrument
She doesn't like modern dance very much
She could only imagine doing a job wich has something to do with music
She bought the jazz CD in America

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Szövegalkotási feladatok

Task A

You are spending two months at a language school in Dublin, and your parents are coming to visit you. You want to take them to a good reataurant. Your local friend Sinead has sent you this advertisement for the Elisa Blues Restaurant:

Welcome to Elisa Blues. Looking for a great place to eat in Dublin? Then look no further: Eliza Blues is a family-run Dublin restaurant, whixh offers the friendliest, brightest and most statisfying dining experience imaginable.
Our refreshing Dublin restaurant has an informal atmosphere, a warm friendly Irish welcome and excellent cuisine.

Write an email of 50-80 words to Sinead in wich you: say thank you for the advertisement and say what you like about this restaurant, ask her a few question about how to get here, the prices, any special dishes to try.
Begin your emails like this: Hi Sinead,

Task B

You have received a letter from your American friend, Bobby, in wich he writes about his problem and asks for your advice:

Now that we have moved to Mississippi, I'm going to a new high school and I'm really scared. They say that the first few days at a new school are hell and I don't feel like going through that. You know that I was kind of popular in my last school and I have no idea how I'll cope with being the new guy that nobody's interested in. Can you help me?

Write a letter of 100-120 words to Bobby in wich you include the following: what to do and what not to do to make a good impression, sport events and other school activities where you can make friends, any personal experience of begin new in a class or group.

Begin your letter like this:
Hi Bobby,