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Angol szóbeli tételsor

Angol kidolgozott szóbeli tételek 15 db - terjedelem: 8 oldal - itt készült: BCE


1.tétel E.U. Parliament
2.tétel E.U Council
3.tétel E.U Commission
4.tétel E.U Court of Justice
5.tétel U.S Constitution
6.tétel Hungarian Constitution
7.tétel British Parliament
8. tétel Hungarian Parliament
9. tétel U.S Congress
10. tétel The President of Hungary
11. tétel Hungarian Courts
12. tétel British Courts
13. tétel U.S Courts


15. tétel The U.S President
16.tétel Sources of law

16.tétel Sources of law
One of the earliest system of law, which we have knowledge of is the colection of laws the Code of Hammurabi, the Babylon king, which was carved in stone, and we can see it in the British Museum. Another early code is the Hebrew law, contained int he Book of Exodus int he Bible. Some states there are summon law. In Greek the people began to write it down, at here we have to speak about Solon, the famous Ahtenian law-giver. Roman law is one of the gratest system that has ever existed. It was based upon custom. It has got a deep influence on Anglo-Saxon law, which is the other great law system of the world. Many European countries began to use Roman law in their courts. In France was their own law(Napoleon). It was a great achievement.
English law stems 7 main sources. The basis of the English law the case law. The sources the statutes, Act of Parliaments. Important sources of law is the lesislation of the European Communities. Obligations relating to international treaties are minor sources of law.
The United States is  a common law country, int hat the rules come from the written decisions of judges, who hear and decide litigation. The common law is judge-made law. The U.S common law system, like the English is a system of precedent. The state has many sources of law. Constitution, federal law system, court system.



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